Artificial Nature Architecture

Artificial Nature Architecture

Layout: 20,3 x 20,5 cm Pages: 96 Cover: Softcover Languages: ENG, SPA

ISBN / Barcode: 8415223191

Categoria: Libreria Internazionale Architettura

Luis de Garrido has been developing a new, innovative architectural concept called “Artificial Nature”. It is an artificial ecological system incorporating manmade artefacts and buildings with its own rules and which evolves alongside the natural eco-system. In this respect, he has identified a project system which uses a set of industrialised architectural elements, ideal for creating buildings with an infinite life cycle whose components can be recovered, repaired and reused continuously and permanently, without generating waste or emissions. In the same way, these buildings can be continuously moved, relocated, modified and grow as if they were living organisms; they consume very little energy and the energy they do consume is solar and geothermic, which is also used by natural organisms.

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