Berlin Fashion

Berlin Fashion

A Style Guide


Paperback 192 pages 2014 Language: English

Categoria: Ultime schede

From the hottest new labels to the best shopping addresses, everything you want or need to know about Europe's newest fashion capital can be found in this encyclopedic and eye-catching book. It's been more than two decades since the wall dividing Berlin's east and west sides came down. Since then the city has evolved into a Mecca for the international fashion crowd, attracted by the city's artistic history, its newfound exuberance and reasonable cost of living. Written by a style insider, this book explores every aspect of the city's love affair with clothing. In an engaging series of brightly illustrated chapters it explains what makes Berlin's fashion scene unique and shows some of the best shops for high and low-end purchases. Interviews with leading fashion journalists, stylists and bloggers offer individual perspectives on what's hot right now, while profiles of established and exciting new labels point to where trends are heading. Furthermore, essays by renowned fashion writers explain the Berlin fashion scene from different perspectives. Whether you're planning a trip to the city itself or merely looking for inspiration, this essential reference offers a multitude of useful information about Berlin's special fashion zeitgeist.

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